Dedicated servers

What is the essential of them ?

Servers are needed every time you need a separate platform for yourself, be it your blog or the new start up that you dream of building into a full time business one day. At first, you would not feel the need for a separate server for yourself that provides server collocation in India because it involves money, and the free server that you have been using works good. This is because the traffic to your site or blog is not that much that you would require a dedicated server. But the problem arises when your business becomes popular and you begin to think that you are not getting the desired speed for your viewers/customers with the bandwidth provided by your VPS.

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Why does this happen?

Okay, first things first, you have to admit that no good service comes for free. Since this is a free server, there are a lot of users and you should keep in mind that although the bandwidth being provided is quite huge, it is being shared by a lot of people. It might be the case that among them there is a customer who has a huge customer base and all the traffic leads to his site. This would mean that work for the others would slow down, and your business would suffer. This is why you would need a dedicated private server which would cater to your needs only, and thus you would get the entire allotted bandwidth and your system will run fast and thus your customers can shop on your site with ease. is a good site that makes things easier for you.

How does this happen? is a great choice if you want a dedicated (dediziert) server for yourself. Let us look at the reasons:

Global Network
Customer Service
Power Density
Server Interconnection

What about the storage?

Your dedicated server is stored in a large room called a data center which is a specialized place where servers are kept. Now, before deciding on which data center will suit you the best, you should keep these points in mind:

 The dedicated server requires a lot of attention.

You should inquire about the data center. The data center should be fully air conditioned to make sure that the server does not heat up, because then the server will become slow and your customers would face problems while browsing through your products and buying them. This can cause a lot of inconvenience for them, and this; quite naturally, this can cause a loss of reputation for your company.

The data center should have measures taken against the moisture formation, that is, in other words, they should be equipped with a dehumidifier because the moisture in the hardware can cause other adverse effects other than slowing down the machine.

More about dedicated servers

There are some decisions that you need to make while you decide to have a dedicated server for yourself. These are:

You need to realize that the old configuration of your computer would not work anymore. You will need a different CPU configuration because it now has to take more load than before because it has to be specified for one particular server.

You need not worry, makes things easier for you by providing you with the basic configuration and it also manages the emails for you. Thus you do not have to worry about emailing the customers one by one because that will be done by the bot instantly and things will run smooth on your behalf.

It is advisable that you go for good internal memory because this would help you to put up lengthy videos on your site which can easily be accessed by your customers, and if the internal memory is good then the video will load faster on their devices which will raise their interests on your site.

Different kinds of servers

There are different servers based on the kind of service you are opting for. You might want to manage the whole thing for you automatically. In this case you can go for their managed servers which would make things easier for you. The customer service would take care of the technical glitches. But if you decide on making things on your own, you can do that too. Then you can go for the unmanaged server, which would be perfect if you want to be the sole admin of your server, but then you have to manage everything by yourself and this is not advised if you are not an IT professional because the effort is not worth it. The user needs to be particular in this task and that is the reason proper training is required.

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